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Stone Chip Floors

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HomeProducts and ServicesStone Chip Floors

Stone Chip Flooring is a 3 – 15mm smooth and decorative flooring application. This application is applied over an existing screed.

Our NEW creative flooring design, Stone Chip floors is a 3 – 15mm self-flowing cement  formula which will give you the colour you desire with a touch of stone ( small, medium or large ) polished to perfection. Smooth coloured floors that include stone.The final finish and colour can be integrated into your development early on in the process making the work easier and reducing the time frame.This perplexing NEW product can be applied to suit your interior or exterior needs. Stone chip flooring  is a composite material, poured in place or precast, which is used for floor and wall treatments.

It consists of suitable stone chips, sprinkled or unsprinkled, and poured with a binder that is cementitious, chemical, or a combination of both. Stone chip flooring is cured and then ground and polished to a smooth surface or otherwise finished to produce a uniformly textured surface. This product creates walkways, floors, patios, and panels by exposing marble chips and other fine aggregates on the surface of finished concrete or epoxy-resin. Much of the preliminary work of the stone chip flooring applicators is similar to that of cement masons.

There are three layers this flooring product requires: First, build a solid, level concrete foundation that is three to four inches deep. After the forms are removed from the foundation, workers add a one-inch layer of sandy concrete. Before this layer sets, applicators partially embed metal divider strips in the concrete wherever there is to be a joint or change of color in the design. For the final layer, applicators blend and place into each of the panels a fine stone chip mixture that may be color-pigmented. While the mixture is still wet, additional stone chips of various colors are tossed into each panel.

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